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Lifestyle change that can help prevent cancer

The basic ways to prevent cancer is to eat healthy and to exercise regularly. But many a times we do not have enough time for exercise. In such cases what to do? How do one lower the risk and take prevent cancer? Here are easy and simple lifestyle modification that one can adopt to help prevent cancer.

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Can food cause cancer? Here is the list of cancer causing foods

We are know the causes of cancer. It could be hereditary or may be caused due to some environmental factor. Many people try their best to stay away from this dreadful disease. They take numerous steps to prevent themselves. However, there is evidence that limiting the consumption of some foods could read more

7 Most common cancers in America

Cancer is a broad term used to encompass several malignant diseases. There are over 100 different types of cancer, affecting various parts of the body. Each type of cancer is unique with its own causes, symptoms, and methods of treatment. Like with all groups of disease, some types of cancer are more read more

Drastic increase in number of Skin Cancer patients post 1970: Reports

Malignant melanoma is less common but more fatal than other types of skin cancer. It is the cancer of the melanocyte cells that produce melanin which is responsible for the pigmentation of the skin. The U.K. Cancer Research has found out in a recent cancer related search analysis that malignant melanoma read more

Cancer patients will be healthier with Molecularly Targeted Therapy

The general treatment of cancer incorporates poisoning the uncontrollably growing cells to kill them or at least stop or slow down the process of their multiplication. The problem is most of these procedures harm not on the target cells but also the healthy non-cancerous cells around it. The combined read more