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Does caffeine fight cancer?

Epidemiological studies have shown that caffeinated drinks may help prevent skin cancer by inhibiting a DNA repair pathway, thus killing potentially precancerous cells. In English, it means that drinking drinks containing caffeine will reduce one’s chances of developing some types of cancer, including read more

What is eye cancer?

When the cells in the eyes starts growing uncontrollably and becomes a mass, then there increases the chance of eye cancer. Eye cancer are of mainly two types; primary eye cancer and metastic eye cancer. Primary eye cancer starts within the eye. Metastic eye cancer spreads to eye from another organ. read more

Reasons,Types,Symptoms: Stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer. It is the mixture of an abnormal (malignant, cancerous) group of cells that form a tumor in any part of the stomach. In most cases, it refers to cancer that starts off in the mucus-producing cells on the lining of the inside of the stomach (adenocarcinoma).

According read more

Bone cancer: types,symptoms and treatment

It is the most uncommon type of cancer that begins in the bone and in any bone in the body. It mostly affects the long bones in the body specially the arms and the legs. Bone cancer are of two types- primary bone cancer and secondary bone cancer. Primary bone cancer starts in the bone itself, while secondary read more

How to treat Lung Cancer

The uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells which attacks both lungs, becomes the reason of lung cancer. It starts usually in the cells that line the air passages. Some cells do not die and grow into a new healthy lung tissue; rather they become abnormal and divide rapidly to give birth to tumors. As tumors read more