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Cancer patients will be healthier with Molecularly Targeted Therapy

The general treatment of cancer incorporates poisoning the uncontrollably growing cells to kill them or at least stop or slow down the process of their multiplication. The problem is most of these procedures harm not on the target cells but also the healthy non-cancerous cells around it. The combined read more

Key signs and symptoms of different types cancer

A cancer can occur in almost any part of the body and the key signs and symptoms of cancer or different kinds are different as well. Here is a list of five types of cancer and the signs and symptoms associated with each of them.

Breast cancer
Breast cancer can happen to both, women and read more

Reasons,Types,Symptoms: Stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer. It is the mixture of an abnormal (malignant, cancerous) group of cells that form a tumor in any part of the stomach. In most cases, it refers to cancer that starts off in the mucus-producing cells on the lining of the inside of the stomach (adenocarcinoma).

According read more

Bone cancer: types,symptoms and treatment

It is the most uncommon type of cancer that begins in the bone and in any bone in the body. It mostly affects the long bones in the body specially the arms and the legs. Bone cancer are of two types- primary bone cancer and secondary bone cancer. Primary bone cancer starts in the bone itself, while secondary read more

Why is heart cancer so rare?

Today, heart ailments are the one of the leading causes of death in the young and not-so-young alike.  Also in the race, and much ahead probably is cancer. Here, a question arises; why is this essential component of anatomy such an unwelcoming host to the leading cause of death for all age groups? There are read more