Reasons,Types,Symptoms: Stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer. It is the mixture of an abnormal (malignant, cancerous) group of cells that form a tumor in any part of the stomach. In most cases, it refers to cancer that starts off in the mucus-producing cells on the lining of the inside of the stomach (adenocarcinoma).

According to the World Health Organization, 800,000 cancer-related deaths are caused by stomach cancer each year globally. It is the fourth most common cancer worldwide, but the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the world.

Gastric cancer is more common among males, and people in developing nations. Stomach cancer risk and chances have increased today due to growing inappropriate diet style and more trend of eating outside food.

Types of stomach cancer
There are several types of stomach cancer

  • Adenocarcinoma of the stomach: Maximum stomach cancers are of this type. The cancer develops in the innermost lining of the stomach.
  • Gastrointestinal stomach tumor: It can be found in some parts of the digestive tract.

Signs and symptoms of stomach cancer
Symptoms of stomach cancer are very difficult to recognize. Symptoms means which is inside the body which is a feeling which includes stomach ache and giddiness, while signs are something which can be seen outside on the body parts which includes rashes and bleeding.
Some main symptoms may include at stage one of the cancer

  • A sensation of heaviness in stomach during meals even without eating too much. Stomach feels full even on empty stomach which causes irritation uncomfortness.
  • Difficulty in swallowing food. Due to rashes and burning sensations, swallowing becomes difficult which causes harm in throat too.
  • Continuous sensation of burping starts up and even continuous burps starts even in empty stomach and due to heaviness of stomach.
  • Feeling of bloated and stomach seems to be large enough.
  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion becomes the big trouble during this problem.
  • Stomach pain

Other serious symptoms during second stage

  • Quick weight loss due to loss of diet and sickness
  • Continuous sickness like fever and giddiness.
  • Difficulty in breathing.

When stomach cancer advances to stage 3, symptoms becomes more serious which includes

  • Stomach becomes lumpy and full of fluid
  • Blood spots and even continuous bleeding is seen in stools
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss and heavy rashes
  • Vomiting which contains blood

Causes of stomach cancer

  • Smoking: the risk of tumor is high in people who are regular and chain smokers rather than non smokers.
  • Family history: if the relative of the patient had or have tumor, the chances rises.
  • Diet: having too much oily and salted food can cause stomach cancers.
  • Some surgerical procedures: some type of surgeries related to stomach done before can cause stomach cancer.

How it is diagnosed?

  • Breath test: a simple breath test is taken which shows chemical reaction of a patient’s exhaled breath.
  • Gastroscopic exam
  • Ultra sound scan
  • Barium meal X- ray


  • Surgery – a try to remove the tumor if possible if in an early stage
  • Subtotal gastrectomy– the part of the stomach is surgically removed. Only a part of stomach is removed.
  • Total gastrectomy– the whole stomach is surgerically removed attached with cancer.

How to prevent stomach cancer?

  • Having ample of fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid salty and smoked food
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol.