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Healing internally from cancer

Cancer is a disease that plagues millions today. Although science has progressed by leaps and bounds today and various effective treatments of cancer are widely available, we tend to forget that finally, cancer is an unusual growth of cells inside the body and hence there has to be an imbalance within the body that led to cancer. This imbalance is … continue reading

Effective tips to deal cancer

Life continues even after a cancer diagnosis and so do people. The only thing different is their way of dealing with it. Rather than wallowing in sadness, one should try to acquire as much knowledge as possible about the disease and its treatment methods. Following are a few tips to deal cancer effectively. Continue to maintain as much of your … continue reading

How to deal with side effects of cancer treatments

Can someone undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy escape the tribulations of the side effects of cancer treatments like these? With some change in one’s lifestyle and some medicines and guidance from the doctor, this is possible to a great extent. There are a lot of side effects of cancer treatment and these points help to combat them. Battling the Fatigue … continue reading

Points to remember during cancer diagnosis

During cancer diagnosis, the patient should tell his/her cancer specialist about the medication that they might be undergoing currently, even about the supplements that they take regularly for nutritional benefits. These are the minor things which one needs to take immense care of during cancer diagnosis. Let us take a look at all the minute things that can ease the … continue reading