Category: Cancer Prevention and Detection

Some facts about cancer that you are unaware about!

The word cancer brings to mind a feeling of despair and excruciating pain. But today when medical science has progressed by leaps and bounds, it is not too difficult to imagine an afterlife to a monstrous disease like cancer as well. The main challenge comes in the form of facing the facts, and subsequently accepting them as the new truth … continue reading

Fighting Cancer Naturally

Cancer is one of the most severe diseases known to mankind that afflicts millions of around the globe. Medical research continues to gain ground in its combat against this disease that plagues humanity and multiple effective treatments are widely available today. But, a fact that is conveniently forgotten is that most of the medicines are found in nature or synthesized … continue reading

Things to avoid while suffering from cancer

Early detection of a cancer is the key to curing it. Hence, frequent checkups and routine visits to the doctor assume a very important role. Also important is to take all the possible preventive measures so you can be safe than sorry! Modern lifestyle is the most influential factor behind the prevalence of cancer in the current era. Certain lifestyle … continue reading

Effective tips to deal cancer

Life continues even after a cancer diagnosis and so do people. The only thing different is their way of dealing with it. Rather than wallowing in sadness, one should try to acquire as much knowledge as possible about the disease and its treatment methods. Following are a few tips to deal cancer effectively. Continue to maintain as much of your … continue reading

Overcome fear of cancer

Hopelessness and helplessness are a part of most patients’ psyche when they hear of cancer. Being lost in thoughts of the future, the past and several other things is very natural. A patient of relapse might feel even worse what with the memories of the past sufferings related to cancer flashing through his/her mind after the diagnosis.Thus it becomes important … continue reading