Some facts about cancer that you are unaware about!


The word cancer brings to mind a feeling of despair and excruciating pain. But today when medical science has progressed by leaps and bounds, it is not too difficult to imagine an afterlife to a monstrous disease like cancer as well. The main challenge comes in the form of facing the facts, and subsequently accepting them as the new truth in life. The changes in appearance, the pain, the uneasiness, it all sort of becomes the way of life for a while at least.

Following are a few facts about cancer patient may have to face. These have been stated below in matter-of-fact way.

  • If you experience nausea or vomiting from chemotherapy or any other cancer related treatments, try the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet. These foods are all bland and will help settle your stomach. It is important that you stay away from dairy products and foods that contain acid. Also, the toast should preferably be of whole grain bread and not white bread.
  • Cancer tries to take away the pieces of an individual’s routine life. The time and money is largely at the mercy of the disease. The treatments can cause immense pain and disfigure your appearance. Things that you might have enjoyed before the diagnosis might not be possible anymore. Your career takes a complete backseat.
  • Your family life gets affected as finally, everyone who is close to you gets as affected by your condition as you do. Your pain, the way the disease changes you hurts your family as well. In such a situation, many patients tend to strain their bonding with people close to them. But if you are strong and hold yourself together even in the time of such a crisis, you can save not only yourself, but also your loved ones a lot of grief.
  • Consuming fruit and vegetables in their natural state is a great way of reversing any cancer because freshly grown food is like a medicine that keeps us disease free. These foods completely natural and hence, have no side effects.
  • Read up about pain and anger management, and also consult counsellors and other health care professionals for the same. Do not try to hide your pain or anguish. Accepting all these things, the changes that cancer brings about in your life is the first step towards dealing with cancer. Thereafter, you can decide about the counter measures that you can take for such situations.
  • Some changes in the home might be needed to be carried out as the disease starts becoming more aggressive. You might need to employ a nurse who will need a place to stay in case she works full time.
  • You might need help in climbing stairs, or wider doors for a wheelchair passage.

When you look at it, none of it seems good, but at least you are getting yourself prepared for the imminent near future. Even a small mistake can cost you your life in this case.Thus it becomes necessary
to know these facts about cancer and make sure that we do not fall prey to it.